Verlorenvlei is one of the most important estuarine eco-systems in the Western Cape and one of the largest natural wetlands along the west coast of South Africa. ¬†Verlorenvlei, meaning “lost marsh”, is a beautiful wetland and important birding area inland from Elands Bay. There are numerous good birding sites from roads alongside the vlei. Notable species include Purple Gallinule, Eastern White Pelican, African Spoonbill, Cape Shoveller, African Fish Eagle, Goliath and purple Herons and European bee-eater, which breed in this area. The Bobbejaan Mountains have produced valuable archaeological fins and superb examples of rock art at Elands cave.

Crayfish Diving in Elands Bay is very popular during the crayfish season from middle November to end of April. Permits are available at any Post Office.